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     Children, Family, and Bar / Bat Mitzvah Photography FAQs

     Our philosophy on Bar / Bat Mitzvah coverage...

          What sets us apart is our candid, documentary approach – quietly capturing the real moments as they happen.
          We offer a distinctly artistic vision toward Bar / Bat Mitzvah photography: We don't stage cliché-looking scenes, we
          don't direct and guide. On the contrary, we quietly stand back and let things happen naturally. It is our goal to use
          photography to tell the story of your loved one's Bar / Bat Mitzvah. The result: you don't get standardized images –
          you get pictures that capture the actual emotions and atmosphere of that very special day.

     Our philosophy on kids and family portrait sessions...

          We will encourage your child to run, jump, and twirl. We'll ask for funny faces and we'll make them laugh. Our kid
          sessions are not your traditional sit-down-and-smile-pretty portrait sessions. They feel more like a playdate.

          In our family sessions, we also emphasize a fresh and candid style. We will not ask you to wear jeans and matching
          white shirts and line you up on the beach with the sun setting in the background. If you're looking for the traditional family
          portrait, then we are probably not your photographers. We like to capture your family being natural and having fun in your

     How long will my session be?

          The photo session usually lasts one to two hours.

     What shall we wear?

          We recommend you bring a couple of different outfits. Something basic and solid colored always looks good. If your
          daughter likes to dress as a princess or if your son likes to wear cowboy hats, by all means bring it and let's capture it.
          Just make sure faces are shiny and noses are clean! For family portraits, casual works best but try to stay away from
          dressing too matchy. Avoid articles of clothing with logos or busy patterns. For babies, they look best in their birthday

     Where will the location be?

          We can make suggestions, but the location is totally up to you. We often shoot at the beach, parks, and love to shoot
          at your home (nothing beats nice, soft window lighting). For babies, we definitely recommend shooting at your home to
          make the process easier and the baby more comfortable.

     How long does it take for me to receive my photos?

          We work to get the images to you as fast as possible. We're always excited following a shoot and we know you are too
          to see the images. For portrait sessions, we mail the disc out to you within 3 days. For Bar / Bat Mitzvahs, our
          turnaround time is approximately a week and a half.

     How do I book my photo session?

          Dates are on a first come first serve basis. If you have a date in mind, contact us as soon as possible.

     Do you shoot digital or film?

          We shoot mostly digital, but love to shoot film as well. For film shoots, contact us for pricing.

     What products do you offer?

          We offer prints at various sizes and many other products ranging from canvas prints and coffee table books to
          accordion mini albums and much more. Please inquire for our detailed pricing and product menu.

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